About PES Network!

Professional Education Services is...

A network of independent educators who:

Have a Bachelor's or 4 year degree obtained from an accredited institution.
Have professional training and real world teaching experience.
Can assure you are receiving a professional level of education from a qualified educator. 

Committed to meaning education through:

Personalized lessons that fit students needs but also use a comprehensive educational plan so students can learn to thrive in systematized study.  This is our commitment, to help students attain skills for life long learning.

Currently based in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Online and locale availability are educator dependent.
Pricing, availability, and specialities are educator dependent.
Please click on the educator picture to learn more about the educator of your interest and to contact the educator directly.

PES Educators

Nancy Hsia

Elementarty Education

B.S Applied Learning & Development, UT Austin
B.A. Asian Studies, UT Austin

English & Mandarin Fluent

Location:  Linkou District

Alice Chen

ESL Instruction

TESOL Certified August 2020
B.S. Child and Family Studies,
Syracuse University

English & Mandarin Fluent

Location: New York City

Anita Lin

Dance Instruction

B.A. Performance Art (Dance), Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Mandarin & Cantonese Fluent
English - Communication Capable

Location:  Taoyuan District

Ellen Tien

Music Instruction

M.A.in Music, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
B.A. in Music, National Taichung University of Education

Mandarin, Taiwanese, English

Location:  Linkou District

Interested in joining the PES network?  We require a Bachelor's (4 year college) degree and real world teaching experience, that is verifiable should anyone go looking for it.  We also require educators that do not bully other educators in any way about pricing, experience and methodology as we are a network of independent professionals, not a social media group.
Please message me, Nancy Hsia, through FaceBook to get started.

Nancy Hsia - PES Developer & Manger

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