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Professional Education Services offered online, in person in the greater Taipei area and an extended network of educators!

Professional Educators

Are you finding your tutors all a bit alike?  Are you finding yourself going back to "square one" every time you try a new tutor or cram school?  At PES our educators are not only professionals of our fields but also experienced teachers.  We will find what you need to learn effectively, no more "square one."

Professional Education Services offers top notch educators who are dedicated to providing high quality, effective and personalized education.

Effective & Personal

Education is not "one size fits all."  In order for education to be effective it needs to be personalized, tailored not to what society wants but what you need.  The PES difference is to give our students what they need first even if it is not what everyone else is doing.  Then we can tackle what the world wants together.

PES Educators

Nancy Hsia

Elementarty Education

B.S Applied Learning & Development, UT Austin
B.A. Asian Studies, UT Austin

English & Mandarin Fluent

Location:  Linkou District

Alice Chen

ESL Instruction

TESOL Certified August 2020
B.S. Child and Family Studies,
Syracuse University

English & Mandarin Fluent

Location: New York City

Anita Lin

Dance Instruction

B.A. Performance Art (Dance), Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Mandarin & Cantonese Fluent
English - Communication Capable

Location:  Taoyuan District

Ellen Tien

Music Instruction

M.A.in Music, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
B.A. in Music, National Taichung University of Education

Mandarin, Taiwanese, English

Location:  Linkou District

PES Bulletin Board 

Welcome Ellen!

Please give a nice warm welcome Ellen Tien to PES!  Ellen is just back with her master's degree from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, one of the best music in the United States!  This truly talented musician with impeccable skills is offering not just her successful techniques but also her insights on music as viewed from a multicultural stand point and experiences as an Asian who studied abroad.  Our Ellen may look sweet and small especially with her saxophone, but don't let that fool you, she packs a wallop!  Classical music is hardcore and she's taken down the best of them, let her show you how its done and succeed in music!

Nancy Hsia

BOCO Rhapsody

Boston Conservatory at Berklee was my dream school.  Getting in was one thing, surviving it was another.  Being a Master's student abroad is not so easy as study and practice in Boston.  There was so much to learn, so much to contend with, without even touching my saxophone.  Graduation was a fight hard won from day 1 to the last paper turned in.  But I learned so much about how other cultures understand music from my classes, professors and peers. I was pushed past my limitations and learned to push back.  I have grown so much as a musician and I would love to share this with you!

Ellen Tien

About The Fee...

In helping our new addition setup, I realized the concern we PES network professionals have about our fees.  We realize it is high by Taiwanese standards due to the average income BUT it is equally true we have all adjusted our fees to the lowest end possible based on where we were educated.
All our credentials are verifiable and from highly respected and accredited institutions outside of Taiwan.  We have put in the extra time, extra hard work and extra extra money to obtain these credentials.  So we hope you will understand that our time is worth our fees.  It is a reflection of the pride we have in our selves, our hard work, and our education. And we hope to have the opportunity to show you!

Best Regards, Nancy Hsia

FREE! The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book Activity

Free word document to make a caterpillar shaped book!  The activity is suitable for children from pre-k through 1st grade.  Click on the title above (it is a direct link to my post) to download the word doc., available in black & white and color.  Hope you enjoy it!

XOXO, Nancy

More Free Links From My Page

Syracuse University

Sharing a beautiful fall picture of my alma mater.  School is not just about our classes and studies but also about the friends we make, the campus life, and the professors who inspire.  A little inspiration for those considering going to college in the U.S., may I suggest Syracuse U...

Alice Chen

Ballet Beautiful

Stretching, essential to  ballet and all dance certainly looks (and is) painful but its benefits are worth it.  Stretching for dancers helps them achieve the extensions they strive for and prevents injury.  For non-dancers it also prevents injuries and helps the body recover after exercise.  So go get your groove on but stretch even more, because a healthy injury free body is a ballet beautiful body.  And should you need a little incentive to stretch, Maple Shadow Studio and our furry staff welcomes you!

Anita Lin

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