Ellen Tien

Saxophonist; Classical Musician; Music Instructor

I started music in the 3rd grade on the piano.  In middle school, I liked and joined the school band on saxophone. But it wasn't until my senior year that I seriously decided to make music my career.  As you can see I wasn't the best music student and yet I ended up with a M.A. from The Boston Conservatory at Berklee, one of America's most prestigious music schools.  This is my speciality in teaching music, I understand and am able to teach every range of student, from the uninterested kid to the adult hobbyist to the highly dedicated musician.


Masters in Music, Boston Conservatory at Berklee 

Bachelors in Music, National Taichung University of Education


  • Private Piano & Saxophone Instructor|2017~present
  • Piano & Saxophone Instructor, Linkou New Classical Music Classroom | 2018/09~2020/01/31
  • Short-term English teaching assistant and one-on-one English tutor, Linkou Cleo Language Institute | 2015/06/25~2015/09/10
  • Saxophone Instructor Taichung Supply Station Music Classroom | 2017/07~2019/04
  • Lecturer teaching programming, Lego, Xuan Yu Culture and Education | 2017/7~2020/01

Visit My YouTube Channel: ET, Ellen Tien 的外星世界 

Teaching Philosophy

 Music can be a joy to learn, but  there is no way to achieve it without enough perseverance.  A good learning attitude is the foundation of everything.

You bring me your goals and I will provide the right methods with an American education approach and bilingual services.

Instruction Fees


Beginner One-on-One: $600NT / 30 Minutes

Beginner One-on-One: $1000NT / 60 Minutes

Beginner 2 Person Class:  $1600 NT/ 60 Minutes

Due to the piano's size as an instrument, group classes are for 2 individuals and beginner's level only.


Beginner One-on-One: $700NT / 30 Minutes

Beginner One-on-One: $1200NT / 60 Minutes 

Intermediate & Advanced One-on-One: $1500NT / 60 Minutes 

Music Majors, Classical & Contemporary Technique & Repertoire:  $1500NT and up per hour dependent on mastery level.


Bilingual Education Is Available For An Additional $200NT 

Instruction fees does not include the added cost of the music books.

Saxophone Group 

60 minute class, all sutdents of the group must attend at the same time please. 

2 Person:$2000NT
3 Person:$2700NT
4 Person:$3200NT

Intermediate & Advanced:
 2 Person:$2400NT
3 Person:$3300NT
4 Person:$4000NT

Consultation Via Zoom for Prospective Music Majors and/or Studying Music in the U.S. $600NT / 40 minutes

Performance Experience

Saxophone Master's Graduation Recital - Boston Berklee College of Music (2022.12. 03)

Masterclass by Johnathan Hulting-Cohen, USA, playing Maï (2022.10.15)

Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble: In the Shadows Wind Ensemble Concert (2022. 12. 09)

Boston Berklee College of Music Wind Ensemble: Heavy Metal (and Wood) Wind Ensemble Concert (2022. 09. 29)

Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble Wind Ensemble Concert (2022. 04. 29)

Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble—Featuring Nicholas Johnson, Cello (2022. 03 .10)

Boston Conservatory Composers' Wind Ensemble Composer Wind Ensemble Concert (2022. 02. 10)

Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble: Duende Wind Ensemble Concert (2022. 12. 10)

Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble: Looking Back (2022. 10. 02)

Saxophone Bachelor's Graduation Recital - National Taichung University of Education (2019. 05. 04)

Rhapsody in Blue in the Pastoral Field - Regular Concert by the Orchestra of National Taichung University of Education (2018.06.16)

Saxophone X Recorder Joint Concert - National Taichung University of Education (2018. 06. 09)

Japanese saxophone Hiroshi Hara master class, playing Waignein’s Rhapsody (2017. 07)

Oriental Venice—Taipei Youth Symphonic Orchestra 2017 Regular Concert Series II (Songyi Hall, Soochow University)

Escape to England 2—Taipei Youth Symphonic Orchestra 2016 Regular Concert Series 4 (Songyi Hall, Soochow University)

The Landscape of Early Summer - 2016 Annual Concert of Applied Music of Truth University (Taipei National Concert Hall)

True Love Christmas 2015 - Truth University Christmas Concert (Truth University Chapel)

2013 Asia International Art Exchange Competition Saxophone Senior High School Group Solo First Prize

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