Anita Lin

Dance Instructor & Director of Maple Shadow Dance Studio

Ballet is beautiful and creates beautiful bodies.  But ballet and dance are as much athletics as they are art.  In order to stand beautifully "en pointe" without getting hurt takes training, practice and the know-how of a qualified professional ballet instructor.  I'm Anita Lin, professional dancer and dance instructor, let me help you realize your beautiful ballet dreams whether you are 5 or 55.

One Hour

One on One Class


 Great for beginners, younger students and starting basics.

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  • $10800

1 &1/2 Hour

One on One Class


Perfect for adults and students that have some basic skills.

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Two Hour

One on One Class


 Ideal for dedicated students and advanced techniques.

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Group Class

Per Hour Per Student


For 3-6 similarly skilled students, good for  performance readiness.

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No one is born with the body of a dancer, the grace, athleticism, and poise. But dancing can create it.  Let me help you achieve it.

Anita Lin

Professional Dancer Since 1988

Dance Degree

B.A. in Performance Arts (Dance)
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts


15 years teaching in Ballet and Modern Dance.


Classical ballet techniques form the foundation
for all schools of ballet and has been adopted
as a base of many other forms of dance.

Ballet Promotes:
Long extensions of the body.
Muscle strength without bulk.

Core Strength

Needed for all dance, healthy posture, and living
life without back and leg pain.

Straight, long, and toned legs.

An overall healthy lifestyle.

Ballet Student - 2016 Performance

Adult Ballet Students - 2016 Performance

Youth Ballet Student - 2022 Competition

Youth Ballet Student - 2020 Performance

Adult Ballet Students - 2016 Performance

Modern Dance

The pioneers of Modern Dance broke from the rigidness of classical ballet.  Although Modern Dance has kept ballet techniques in its foundation (left image below), it is what Modern Dance allows that sets it apart, such as:
~ Movements that stem from the torso.  (left image and left image below)
~ Elements that are done on or from the floor.  (left image and right image below)
~ Freedom from wearing dance shoes.

Modern Dance Student - 2016 Performance

Modern Dance Students - 2020 Performance

Modern Dance Student - 2020 Performance

Modern Dance Student - 2020 Performance

Maple Shadow Dance Studio

Anita Lin

Director & Instructor

Professional Courses In Ballet & Modern Dance 

Studio Space @ Maple Shadow Dance 

One on One Instruction with Anita Lin

Available for Choreography and Instruction Ala Carte  

Group Instruction with Anita Lin

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