Alice Chen

ESL Instructor, Specializing in Children and Adult Finance

My name is Alice and it's a pleasure to introduce myself to you.  I was born in Taipei and moved to New York City at the age of 5. With an academic background in working with children, 20 years experience in finance and TESOL certification I'm excited at the prospect of teaching you English the American way!  **Update I have relocated back to New York City, please contact me about online services from Taiwan!**

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B.S. in Child & Family Studies focus on Children, Syracuse University

Child & Family Studies is a broad foundation degree that covers issues on the healthy development of children and families. I had chosen this major because would allow me to pursue advanced training in areas such as healthcare, childhood education, or family medicine.  Therefore its graduation requirements included courses in psychology, nutrition, child & family development, communication, as well as 120 hours of supervised student teaching.

TESOL Certified

I acquired a TESOL certificate in August of 2020, it certifies  me to teach English to children and adults.  During the 120 hours of training, it explores the fundamental aspects of teaching language and how to teach language skills: speaking, listening, writing, and reading. This certification is a supplementary add-on to my major from Syracuse University.

20 Years Finance Experience...

After college, I started work at ING Investment Management as an Equity Research Assistant. I continued at various Hedge Funds in New York City and at Morgan Stanley Healthcare - Pharmaceutical Team. As an Equity Research Assistant I experienced both the buy and sell side before becoming an Executive Assistant & Personal Assistant for CEO's of finance and finance related fields. This work experience has made me fluent in the communication of U.S. finance and finance related fields. Should you need help in the area specifically I am your tutor! During breaks I took from finance, I was an Executive Assistant for Principles of mainly private schools in New York City. So I also can help you navigate with the education system of the U.S. for your child(ren).

Services & Pricing

Tutoring Services
$20 USD

Per Hour Per Student

  • $600 NTD
  • For learning English or Mandarin (Chinese)
  • Group rates to be determined.
Translation Services
$0.10 USD

Per Word

  • $3 NTD
  • English - Chinese
  • Project based translation pricing to be based on scope.

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